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Aerosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing’ Sees Spotify Surge After Comet Landing

Apparently, when people think about comets, they also think about Liv Tyler,  Ben Affleck and Aerosmith.

The Telegraph reports that the band’s 1998 power ballad ‘I Don’t  Want to Miss a Thing,’ recorded for the soundtrack to Michael Bay’s blockbuster  sci-fi thriller ‘Armageddon’ and memorably used to score a love scene involving  Tyler and Affleck’s characters and some animal crackers, saw a “huge spike” in  streams after the Rosetta probe Philae touched down on comet  67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko.

As the Telegraph’s report notes, the song — which became the band’s first  (and, to date, only) No.  1 pop hit when it reached the top of the Billboard chart in September 1998 —  has become something of an anthem for comet-related news; last year, when a  meteorite shower caused property damage and injuries in Russia, the song enjoyed  a similar streaming resurgence.

It makes a certain amount of sense, given that the movie is about a team of  astronauts that journeys into space in order to destroy an asteroid on a  collision course with Earth, but in terms of sheer rockability, there are  probably a lot of better choices in the Aerosmith catalog.

Not that guitarist Joe Perry is wont to  look askance at a hit song — as he reminded listeners during a recent interview with the Pulse of Radio, he remains thoroughly  grateful for the group’s impressive longevity. “Sometimes I ask that question  myself, y’know, ‘Why am I still doin’ it?’ Well, when I walk out onstage in  Moscow and everybody out there is singing words to songs that we wrote in the  basement, or, y’know, in some studio somewhere,” he marveled. “It’s nothin’  short of a miracle, y’know? And so we kind of have a lot of respect for  that.”

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