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Dave Grohl Doesn’t Mind Being Outsold By Pink Floyd

For all the publicity that has surrounded Foo  Fighters‘ ‘Sonic Highways,’ which includes an HBO  documentary series, it appears that it will come in second to Pink  Floyd‘s ‘The Endless  River‘ at the top of the U.K. chart this week. But frontman Dave  Grohl doesn’t seem to mind too much.

“Do I regret the last two years of my life?” he said at a London Q&A session. “No! I mean if we’re going  to take a No. 2 to anybody, I’ll take it to Pink Floyd you know what I mean? I  imagine that it could be worse. I mean at this point you have to imagine we’re  not really that concerned about that sorta thing cause we got what we got and  its really great, we get to make records and then we go out and play big shows,  then go home and come back and do it all again so I don’t have too many  complaints in life. It could be a lot f—ing worse.”

‘Sonic Highways’ was recorded in eight American cities, with famous musicians  associated with those locations contributing their talents. In addition to the  documentary, Foo Fighters also spent a week on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ and Grohl performed at the ‘Concert  for Valor‘ in Washington, D.C. earlier this week. Despite pulling out the  stops, Grohl isn’t going to let the difference of a few thousand copies affect  his mood.

“It’s the kind of thing we don’t really pay attention to cause were too busy  in our f—ed-up little world,” he continued. “I mean the most important thing to  me is that people come and see the band play cause that’s where I think we’re at  our best and we go out and play for three f—ing hours and take people’s faces  off its like you walk away from that like ‘Oh, that’s why I’m in a band.’ That’s  why we do it.”


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