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Erin Michelle

Erin Michelle

We know your name – but do you have a nick-name/alias?

Nothing that really stands out… EM, E, Eddy, Hey You… I will answer to most anything sadly enough.


Where are you from?

A beautiful piece of land called Idaho Falls, Idaho in the USA.  I grew up next to Yellowstone National Park,
the Grand Tetons and the Snake River.


When you’re not in the studio, where can we find you?

Kiting at Barkers, enjoying our beautiful beaches or hanging at home with my kitty Fira.

Best concert you’ve ever attended?

I’m lucky enough to have seen a lot of bands live, Silverchair, Ryan Adams, Foo Fighters, TV on the Radio, Willie Nelson, Black Keys – BUT seeing Elton John and Billy Joel play together on January 29th, 2001 was the most amazing.


Favourite album of all time?

I always try to just listen to one track off Elton John’s ‘Madman Across The Water’ and end up listening to the whole thing.  Bob Dylan’s ‘Blonde on Blonde,’ ‘The Colour and the Shape’ Foo Fighters… Oasis ‘(What’s the Story) Morning Glory,’  The Beatles ‘Abbey Road’ changed me when I was a wee child.  ‘Heartbreaker’ Ryan Adams.  I can’t stop… Grateful Dead ‘Workingman’s Dead,’ AND… anything from The Band.

What does your “ideal meal” consist of?

Potatoes from Idaho

What annoys you most?

When I am listening to my iPod and I kind of like a song enough to not delete it from my library but then EVERY time I put my iPod on shuffle that same song always works it’s way in.


Words to live by?

Keep away from people who try to belittle anything about you and your life.

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